Have You Ever Wanted To Make An Extra Couple Hundred Bucks A Week?
But you feel that every online money making strategy is a scam...
I have found the answer.

Incentive Freebie Websites

Simply put, working the IFW system is not a get rich quick scheme. But you can realistically make $200 - $300 extra a week working from the comfort of your own home and working on your own time. With the rising prices of virtually everything including gas and food everyone could use an extra couple hundred bucks a week. And believe it or not anyone over the age of 16 can do it. This system is perfect for stay at home moms, college students, or anyone who wants to make some extra money working only a few hours a week.

No Money Upfront

The beauty of working with IFW's is that you will not spend any money up front out of your own pocket. By following a few steps listed here at The IFW Campus you will receive $$$ in your paypal account or Bank Account Daily depending on your work effort..

So What Is An Incentive Freebie Website?

Incentive Freebie Website's or IFW's as most people refer to them are simply websites that offer Free Iphones or Free Ipads. Yes, I know these always sound fake but in fact they are very real. You just need to know the process in getting those devices for free. There are hundreds of IFW's out there and the task of conquering all of them can be quite daunting but here at The IFW Campus we make that process as simple as 1 2 3.

But wait how do these sites hand out all of these free gifts?

That is a good question and one that I also asked myself when I first started out. There are many fortune 500 companies including, Discover Card, DirectTV and Disney who spend millions of dollars on advertising. And as technology has changed so has the way they advertise. We all have DVR's and skip past commercials, and with things like Pandora and other music programs, advertisements have become almost non-existent. Here is where the IFW's step in. These companies need to reach new customers and will spend plenty of money to do so. Every time you sign up at an IFW's website you are taken to a page full of advertisements. Everytime someone clicks on one of these ads and completes the offer the IFW receives money from that company.

So They Make Money. How Do I Make Money?

There are two basic methods to make money with IFW's and I will teach you those methods along with a step by step guide to get you started making money today.

Method 1

Sign up at an IFW such as ZNZ-ONE under a referral link from this site. Then proceed to complete and get credit for an offer. Once you receive credit and are approved ZNZ will pay The IFW Campus for referring you to them. In return you will now be able to do the same, refer new members to try out products and get paid great commission payments directly into your Paypal account or valid Bank account.
The following image is to prove that Zip Nada Zilch does in fact pay.

Method 2

Once you have received credit or have gone "GREEN" as it is called, you then refer other people to the IFW's. You will then receive a payment for every person who signs up with your referral link. The beauty of this is you will make as much money as you want. The more effort you put in, the more people you will get to sign up and the more money you will make.

I'm Ready To Make Money...Show Me How 

To get started with the IFW Trading System simply follow the step by step directions on our unprecedented Trading System page

IFW Terms

We know that all of these new terms might be kind of scary. For your convenience we have provided a short list of terms for you Click Here to get a better understanding of the many IFW Terms.

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