Trading Terms

Are some of the terms you have found confusing?

Here we have compiled a short list on IFW Trading terms to help you get more comfortable.


Short for - “Incentivized Freebie Site”. A name for the various types of websites that offer incentives (usually cash or free products) to users in return for participating in their advertisers offers.


In the freebie site world, "Green" generally refers to a user who has signed up at a freebie site and completed all of the requirements. The word green can be used in various ways including phrases such as "he went green", "getting greens", "paying for greens", etc.


Short for – “Referral”. Different from a Green in that a ref is simply someone that has been referred and signed up at a freebie site, whereas a Green is a referral that has also fulfilled all of the requirements of the IFW.


A DIY site is a "Do It Yourself" site. Generally the way it works is that you have to personally complete a specified number of offers, and then you receive cash or a free gift. If your goal is to make hundreds a month in your spare time, these can be helpful too. If you're more serious and trying to make as much money as possible, the other types of sites are generally going to be more efficient and profitable for you.


Short for Offer Of Doom. Generally refers to an advertised offer that requires the user to spend a bunch of money in order to complete the offer i.e. making a large purchase, etc. Many "shady" IFWs implement Offers Of Doom to make it harder for users to qualify for their desired incentive.


“Credit card”. A "non-CC site" refers to an incentivized freebie website whose offers are 100%