Trading System

IFW Campus's Unique And Unprecedented System...
Unprecedented because we teach how to make money from the heart...
With the Unprecedented System, you will learn in just a few quick steps how easy it is to get started with IFW's. And when you complete the system in just a short few hours you will have the opportunity to earn $$$ in your PayPal account or Bank account.

Getting Started

Getting started in the world of IFW's can be quite frustrating if you do not have someone there to help you along the way. The process might seem easy on the surface but it takes just a tiny bit of thought and preparation in order to become the most profitable and that's what the dedicated staff at The IFW Campus are here for. (CHAT WITH US BELOW)

We will help you through your IFW websites. No tricks, no gimmicks, just a simple friendly pat on the back from us with knowledge you might not have found anywhere else online.

The Process

As noted on our home page there are two main methods in making money in the IFW World our System helps you through that first method painlessly and easily. By following our steps you will be comfortable in continuing to make money on your own. But if you are not quite there yet, we do offer a mentoring program which gives you more detailed instructions and advice.
To start off with the IFW Trading  System simply READ below this page, where you will find detailed instructions that will walk you through step by step, signing up and completing offers, and in turn make you money.

IFW Trading's Money Making System...

Here at The IFW Campus we appreciate anyone who uses our website to get started in the world of IFW's.

We know that all of these new terms might be kind of scary. For your convenience we have provided a short list of terms for you. Click here to get a better understanding of the many IFW Terms.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do before starting any new IFW site is to clear all cookies with your web browser. This is to ensure that you are credited with the offer you complete as they use cookies to make sure you have never signed up for the offer before, because signing up for an offer more than once or signing up for the same IFW website more than once is not allowed.
Wiki Instructions on clearing cookies

Step 2

Click on the following link ZNZ-ONE and sign up with the form at the bottom of the page. Please make sure you are being referred by an user ID.        


After signing up with the email you created for IFW's, completely fill out your profile with valid information.

Step 3

Choose the Prize that you would like to receive for your referrals. You can choose an Iphone, Ipad, or a PayPal deposit. IFW Trading recommends that you sign up for a PayPal deposit and it is the best way to get paid quickly. Keep in mind you can change the Prize you would like to receive at anytime in the future.

Step 4

Click on the offers tab at the top of the page and decide which offers you would like to complete to receive 1.00 credits and go green. Below is an example of some of the offers on ZNZ-ONE. From time to time these offers do change so the image may not necessarily be accurate.

Remember with our system there is no out of pocket money for you to spend. You can however sign up for an offer that cost money if it interests you. But it is advisable to not go over the 1.00 credits that is needed for ZNZ-ONE as it is considered wasteful because they could be used for one of the many other ZNZ sites.

Step 5

When choosing an offer you need to always read the terms and conditions and familiarize yourself with them. Some of the offers are for a free trial period and some may require that you pay a small S & H fee. It is advisable that you keep a log of all the offers you sign up for and keep track of how long the trial period lasts. If you do not want to keep the product you are allowed to cancel the trial at anytime but to make sure that you keep the credit and stay "GREEN" you must keep the trial for at least 75% of the trial period. For example if you have a 30 day trial period you should call in and cancel on the 20th day.

Step 6

Once you have completed the offer and you have received credit on ZNZ-ONE you may then proceed to another IFW Site >>> 

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