IFW Trading's FAQ's

Will I get spam e-mail messages if I sign up?

No, your information will never be sold or leased to third-parties. You will only receive e-mails from ZNZ regarding your account which you can opt-out of.

Who can participate in your site?

ZNZ currently allows registration from residents of the United States (50 states only), Canada & the United Kingdom.

What does it cost to sign up?

Nothing! Membership to ZipNadaZilch.com is completely free and always will be. Please note, upon registering for an advertisers' offer, you may incur a fee (from them) for their service. As a result, we do strongly recommend that you carefully review their terms for any associated service costs before registering with them.

What is the minimum age to participate?

You must be 16 years of age or older to participate.

Can I sign up from a shared or public computer/internet connection?

No, you need to sign up from your own computer using your own internet connection. Since ZNZ does not allow multiple accounts from the same IP address, you run the risk of disqualification since someone may have already joined ZNZ’z site using that connection.

What are my credit/referral requirements?

Your credit requirement is the amount of credits you must complete as the first step to receiving your free gift. Depending on the site of ours you are interested in, this will range from 0.50 to 3.00 credits. Each offer on our offers page will have a specific credit value. Your referral requirements are the number of completed referrals you must obtain as the second step to receive your free gift.

What is a completed referral?

A referral is an individual who registers to ZNZ’s site using your referral link. A completed referral is a referral of yours that completes their credit requirements, and thus provides credit towards your account.

Can my referrals be roommates or someone that lives with me?

Sorry, but no. ZNZ only allows one account per household. Therefore, you may not refer anyone who lives at your residence.

How do I get or find referrals?

That's for you to decide! One popular method is by visiting forums and message boards such as Anything4Free.com. You can spread it through word of mouth to your friends or you can start your own advertisements.

General Questions

How can you afford to give away free gifts?

ZNZ receives a commission every time an advertiser offer is completed and tracked on their website. Parts of the commissions they earn are then used to pay for your free gift!

How can you afford to give away free gifts?

Absolutely! To date ZNZ has given away over $5,000,000.00 to their users in prizes.

Offers/Credits Questions

If you have completed an offer and followed the listed requirements and have not received credit, please submit a missing credit request into ZNZ and we will attempt to verify your offer completion. A link to submit a missing credit request into ZNZ can be found on your support page.

What can I do to help ensure I receive credit for the offers I complete?

No. The advertisers do not share any information about you with ZNZ. They only receive a report that says they were credited for the offer.

What can I do to help ensure I receive credit for the offers I complete?

Sorry, but no. Each specific referral needs to complete their credit requirements to be counted as a completed referral. However, they do offer ways to help your referrals that have partial credits.

What can I do to help ensure I receive credit for the offers I complete?

You are more than welcome to transfer your excess credits to another site of yours. Just submit a support ticket, letting them know where to transfer your credits and they will take care of the rest!

What do I do if I have questions about a specific offer?

Contact the advertiser directly. If you have any other concerns you could check the advertiser’s status with the national BBB registry. However do not contact an advertiser about offer crediting issues as per the terms and conditions on our site.

How long does it take to receive credit for an offer I completed?

The reporting time for an offer completion varies. To view the typical reporting time of an offer, you may visit ZNZ’s offers page, and beside each offer detail will be the typical crediting time. For most offers, this is instantly (within 6 hours). Please note, the times listed are the usual reporting times, however, an offer sign-up reporting may be delayed for a number of reasons including advertiser delay, strict browser settings, or delays in completing the offer requirements. If your offer doesn't credit after the stated time frame, we recommend you to submit a missing credit request into us via your support page.

How many times can I complete a specific offer?

Each offer may only be completed once per person. Users registering for an offer more than once will not be rewarded for their sign-up and are subject to their accounts being closed for violating ZNZ’ Terms and Conditions.

How long does a missing credit request take to process?

Upon receiving all of the required information, most missing credit requests are resolved within 3 business days. However, under certain circumstances, ZNZ may have to send your request off to our affiliate for review, which can take up to 60 days. (Every MCR I submitted was credited the next day)

My referral did not receive credit for their offer. What do I do?

If a referral of yours has completed an offer and followed the listed requirements and has not received credit, please recommend them to file a missing credit request into ZNZ and they will attempt to verify their offer completion.